Introducing MXITGO

Serverless Technology for SAP S/4 HANA

MXITGO Serverless technology for SAP (STFS) offers a unique stack of modern and well supported industry technologies covering the user interface, communications and backend application logic.

Leveraging this stack, new custom enterprise applications are accessible for development atop SAP S/4 HANA delivering: Precise fit for business process needs, outstanding responsiveness, pay-as-you-go price models, and licensing & infrastructure cost reductions.

This stack allows small, medium-sized and big size enterprises along with their customers and partners to experience easier, efficient and extended interactions when working with SAP systems.

Top benefits of using MXITGO STFS on top of S/4 HANA


Up to 50% faster responsiveness compared to SAP Fiori.

Due to its unique architecture, the applications built upon MXITGO STFS can deliver results faster compared to SAP Fiori applications

View a demonstrative video responsiveness comparison between SAP Fiori and MXITGO STFS performance.


Your information lives safely in your servers while your external users interact with your applications.

With MXITGO STFS there is no need to expose your systems directly to the internet when you want customers or partners to interact with your applications. Only the required information travels back and forth.


Scale your custom apps from transactional to analytical or ai driven applications.

With MXITGO STFS you can choose the interaction level of your applications. By leveraging AWS AI services and other integrations, you extend the capabilities of your applications so your employees, partners and customers can take advantage of AI services like: conversational interfaces, image analysis, audio transcriptions, automated input, quick in app translations or business data predictions among other capabilities.


Fast application development

MXITGO STFS uses Serverless technology and it is conceived to take advantage of existing SAP standard and custom business functionality so the application development is swift and your business takes advantage of renewed capabilities quickly


To help familiarize you with MXITGO STFS experience, you can access MXITGO STFS user experience demo screen:

You can get the white paper:

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